6 Lionel #6-17537 Route - 66 Lionel Route #6-17537 - Lionel Route 66 - #6-17537 Item specifics Condition: New: A brand new unused unopened undamaged item including handmade items . See the seller's ... New: A brand new unused unopened undamaged item including handmade items . See the seller's listing for full details. Brand: Lionel

Lionel Route 66 - #6-17537

Lionel Route 66 - #6-17537Lionel Route 66 - #6-17537

Item specifics

New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item (including handmade items). See the seller's ...

01 Apr 2019

Final Issue of Better Crops with Plant Food

As 2019 marks the 350th anniversary of Hennig Brandt’s discovery of phosphorus (P), it is a time to reflect back on the number of significant scientific advancements that have followed.

31 Mar 2019

Informaciones Agronómicas de Hispanoamérica (LACS)

Número 31, Diciembre 2018

15 Mar 2019

Russian Newsletter

Вестник "Питание растений", №4, 2018

Lionel Route 66 - #6-17537

Lionel Route 66 - #6-17537
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Lionel Route 66 - #6-17537

28 Jan 2019

Plant Nutrition Today

Our weekly highlighted article is "Nutrient Management for Successful Cover Crops" by Dr. Heidi Peterson.

09 Jan 2019

Improving Cassava Yield and Profitability in the Philippines

Cassava’s rising demand for use as food, animal feed, and industrial purposes encourages farmers to increase production. Improved fertilizer practices are necessary to provide. cassava with nutrients needed to produce higher yields, increase farmers’ income, and reverse soil degradation.

02 Jan 2019

Improved Plant Nutrition Helps Moroccan Farmers Control Wheat Crown Rot

Wheat crown rot is a fungal disease that results in significant economic loss in Morocco and in wheat-growing areas around the world. The disease causes the heads of wheat plants to turn white and die prematurely. Efforts to control crown rot have been limited by a poor understanding of the interacting factors associated with crop management and disease development, especially the benefits of balanced nutrition.

01 Jan 2019

Research with Impact

Olives are one of the most important fruit crops in Morocco. The country’s fruit production has nearly doubled in the last ten years. But this higher production is mainly due to increased tree planting as yields remain low. Nutrient deficiencies and imbalanced fertilization remain a primary constraint to higher yields. IPNI cooperated within a study that evaluated current farmer practices for 36 olive orchards.

11 Dec 2018

A Closer Look at Fertilizer Research

This year IPNI supported more than 130 projects aimed at improving the use of fertilizers. In honor of Global Fertilizer Day take a look at the impact of our fertilizer research!

08 Dec 2018

2018 IPNI Catalog

Download the new 2018 catalog of educational materials from the International Plant Nutrition Institute. The catalog is complete with order forms and instructions on ordering from IPNI.


The agronomic programs of IPNI ceased operations on April 1, 2019. This website will remain online until the end of 2019, but no further updates will be made.
Questions about past IPNI operations and projects can be forwarded to the International Fertilizer Association, The Fertilizer Institute, or Fertilizer Canada.

    Lionel Route 66 - #6-17537

    Lionel Route 66 - #6-17537,66 Lionel #6-17537 Route -,Lionel Route 66 - #6-17537